Westwood Presbyterian Church
Saturday, January 20, 2018
With Jesus, Like Jesus, For Jesus
What one question
would you ask?

The Alpha Course is a safe place to ask anything . . . 10 weekly sessions of great food, thought-provoking talks about the Christian faith and honest conversation -- all in a relaxed and fun setting.
People attend Alpha for a wide variety of reasons. Some want to investigate if God exists or if there is any point to life; others may have attended church on and off their whole life but never understood the basics of the Christian faith.
Life is full of challenging times - relationship struggles, employment problems, kid troubles and illness. No matter what you're facing, chances are someone in your group is struggling with the same things you are. Alpha is a place to ask "Why?" with the freedom to share, or just sit back and listen.
At Alpha, there are no expectations put on anyone. Come the first week to see if the dinner, talks and conversation are something you enjoy. If not, that's okay - there's no commitment to return.  And no one will call you or chase you down.

What happens on Alpha?

Dinner: The evening starts with a casual dinner
together - a chance to get to know others who are
also on the Alpha course.

Talk: After dinner, we listen to an Alpha talk
about the basics of Christianity. Who doesn't like a
British accent flavored with a little humor?
Small groups: Next, we gather in small groups to
discuss the talk and share opinions. And to ask anything.
Alpha is a place where no question is too simple or
too hostile.

Is Alpha for Me?

The Alpha course is for everyone! It is especially geared to:
  • People interested in investigating Christianity
  • Newcomers to Westwood
  • Those new to the
    Christian faith
  • Christians who want to brush up on the basics