Westwood Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
With Jesus, Like Jesus, For Jesus

 Personal Spiritual Growth Inventory

Begin the self-evaluation by reading and choosing what you consider the most appropriate response to each of the 50 statements. Place the appropriate number in the blank space after each statement. Most of the statements focus on internal matters of the heart, not external behaviors. (The outward actions may become part of your action plan to accomplish the specific goals you choose.)
After reading each statement, take a few moments to think about it and then write whatever response seems most appropriate to you. Total each section or simply use the entire inventory to search for the over-arching patterns. After reading and responding to each statement, take whatever time is necessary to evaluate what your responses reveal before formulating your goals and completing your action plan.
5 = Always 4 = Frequently 3 = Sometimes 2 = Seldom 1 = Never


1. Reading the Bible draws me closer to God. 
2. I get something out of Bible study and reading.
3. Meditating on Scripture has enriched my life.
4. The Holy Spirit is my Teacher, revealing God to me through the Bible.
5. I try to memorize Scriptures that speak to me.


6. Praying brings me closer to God.
7. I pray aloud during times of group prayer.
8. Prayer feels like a two-way conversation between God and me.
9. I leave my burdens with God through prayer.
10. I set aside time for prayer.
5 = Always 4 = Frequently 3 = Sometimes 2 = Seldom 1 = Never

Intimacy with God

11. I feel grateful to God.
12. I know God loves me.
13. I enjoy spending time alone with God.
14. I don't try to hide from God.
15. I intentionally listen for God's voice


16. I am free to say "no" to others without feeling guilty.
17. I have healthy boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.
18. I go directly to the person with whom I have a conflict or misunderstanding.
19. I am able to express concerns without making others feel condemned.
20. I maintain confidentiality and avoid gossip.
5 = Always 4 = Frequently 3 = Sometimes 2 = Seldom 1 = Never

My Identity

21. God delights in me (just as I am).
22. My identity and sense of worth grow out of my relationship with Jesus.
23. I think of myself as a disciple of Jesus.
24. I am content and comfortable being the person God made me.
25. I live for an audience of One.

Service & Ministry

26. I keep my schedule from becoming too full in order to be available to God.
27. Grace, not guilt, motivates me to serve.
28. I know and use my spiritual gifts.
29. Serving Christ brings me joy.
30. I witness for Jesus with both my deeds and my words.
5 = Always 4 = Frequently 3 = Sometimes 2 = Seldom 1 = Never

Submission & Obedience

31. Worshiping God is an expression of my heart.
32. Giving is a blessing, not a burden.
33. Submitting to the Lord brings me joy.
34. Jesus is Lord over what I read, watch, listen to, and think about.
35. I am more concerned about what God thinks of me than what others think of me.

Living in Community

36. I rely on Christian friends to encourage my growth and hold me accountable.
37. I am able to receive and give unconditional love.
38. I feel connected to several other people in the Westwood congregation.
39. I have a group of Christian friends with whom I can be vulnerable and transparent.
40. I seek to live in harmony and unity with other disciples.
5 = Always 4 = Frequently 3 = Sometimes 2 = Seldom 1 = Never

My Faith

41. I trust God when I encounter big problems.
42. I trust God with the small, everyday type of problems.
43. I am able to stand firm in the midst of spiritual warfare.
44. I am willing to leave my comfort zone and attempt big things for Jesus.
45. I expect God to protect me, provide for me, and guide me.

Character Development

46. I take responsibility for my mistakes and do not blame others.
47. I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.
48. My continuing spiritual growth is a priority.
49. I practice specific spiritual disciplines to foster spiritual growth.
50. I genuinely want to become more like Jesus.
Congratulations! You have completed the Personal Spiritual Growth Inventory.
PRINT YOUR INVENTORY using the print option on your browser. You will need this to complete your Goal and Action Plan.
You are now ready to set your goal(s) for the coming year.  Complete the Goal(s) and Action Plan.