Westwood Presbyterian Church
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
With Jesus, Like Jesus, For Jesus

Personal Spiritual Growth Plan


Part I: Self-Evaluation Inventory

Please prayerfully use the inventory to evaluate your current spiritual status. The inventory, like all self-evaluation tools, is not an objective test, but part of a subjective process. It is designed to assist you in assessing your current spiritual condition.
The inventory is for your personal use. Please do not use it to compare yourself to others or to heap guilt upon yourself. Instead, use it to find patterns that suggest your spiritual strengths or weaknesses. Those strengths and weaknesses may or may not fit the categories listed on the inventory. God may lead you to think outside the box of these categories. You may discover themes from several sections that suggest a goal that is unique to you.
The inventory can help you discern where God wants to take you in the coming year. Use it as a guide to formulate one or two goals for spiritual growth. Disciples continually seek to become more "like" Jesus. You may already know exactly what goal God has for you in this stage of your life. If so, skip the self-evaluation inventory and go directly to Part II: Goals and Action Plan.

Part II: Goals and Action Plan

After completing the Self-Evaluation Inventroy, you are ready to set your goal(s) and complete an action plan for the coming year. Your goal(s) should focus on an area in which you believe God wants you to grow and become more like Jesus. You accomplish this as you develop a closer walk with Jesus. Thus, your goals will probably zero in on an aspect of your relationship with Jesus.
Remember that spiritual growth is the gift of God, not the product of human effort. Writing goals and completing the action plan is merely your attempt to cooperate with what God wants to do in your life. After you have completed your plan, take some time to commit it to the Lord. Print it out and keep it in your Bible or somewhere you will see it often. You can update it any time. Each September, we will revisit them on "Celebration Sunday" -- when we celebrate what God has done in our lives during the previous year and write new goals for the coming year. In the meantime, expect God to achieve his goals for you.

Part III: Resources


The following classes, designed to assist growing disciples, will be taught in the next twelve months.
Disciple Class
This class is the introduction to living as a disciple of Jesus. It explores what it means to follow Jesus as he leads us into a new and better way of living - Kingdom living. Learn how to read the Bible with new eyes. Find out why Jesus continues to draw people to himself. Class dates can be found on the Grow With Us page.

Abide in Christ
When we by faith receive Jesus Christ, we become a new creation. This new creation is immersed into Christ by the Holy Spirit and becomes united with Him. We are in Him and He is in us. His character, power and authority dwell within us. As we rely upon and follow Him, His character emerges and becomes apparent to everyone around us. His love begins to touch others through our words and actions. This class not only discusses what it means to have Christ in us and us abiding in Him, but also encourages each of us to experience this unity with Him on a deeper level of intimacy.
Holy Spirit 
This class looks at what the Bible teaches about the person (who is the Spirit?) and ministry (what does the Spirit do?) of the Holy Spirit. The emphasis is practical: Learning how the Spirit helps us become more like Jesus (transformation of character) and empowers us to live as Jesus intends (abundant life).

Westwood Library

The Westwood Eichholtz Library has designated an area as our "Disciple Resource Center." It contains a variety of books, small group studies and DVDs to help disciples grow in specific areas. To see a complete listing of the resources available, visit the Library page.

Westwood Website

The Westwood website has been rebuilt around our disciple-making mission. You will now find an updated list of library materials available online, a growing list of links to helpful sites for disciples, and online discussions where you can share your thoughts and ask questions. The Making Disciples area of the website explains more our mission of making disciples and why it is so important to Westwood. Take a moment to browse around and discover the Westwood community online. Check back often, as new resources will be added frequently.


A pastor is also available to meet with you to discuss your questions, concerns, goals and action plans.